• Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry Encourages Private Sector to Utilize Al Dhaid Dates Festival
  • Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry reaches record 66,000 registered members by end of Q1 2017
  • Majid Al Qasimi inaugurates "Ramadan Nights’ Exhibition" at Expo Centre Sharjah
  • Sharjah Ramadan Draws Bring Happiness to Daily Winners
  • Higher Colleges of Technology and Sharjah Chamber Cooperate to Support Students’ Enterprises
  • Sharjah Chamber Invites Private Sector to the 2nd Edition of the Sharjah Economic Excellence Award (ShjSEEN)
  • Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry Invites Retail Companies to Take Part in 2017 Ramadan Festival
  • Sharjah Chamber Honors its Outstanding Employees
  • Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry a Strategic Partner for International Government Communication Forum
  • Khaled bin Butti Honors Winners of Sharjah Chamber’s Award for Innovators in its First Edition
  • Sharjah University Holds Second Edition of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum
  • Acres Middle East Set to Launch March 21st Under Patronage of Sharjah’s Crown Prince
  • Sharjah Chamber Organizes Second Edition of the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Forum
  • Sharjah Chamber: Best Government Entity Contributor to Volunteer Work
  • Sharjah Chamber organises a tour to members of the diplomatic corps in the UAE
  • Sharjah Chamber Acknowledges the Approval of Implementing Its Strategy for the Next Five Years
  • Sharjah Chamber Acknowledges the Approval of Implementing Its Strategy for the Next Five Years
  • Sharjah Chamber Approves the Organization of the Third Edition of ACREs Middle East REAL ESTATE EXHIBITION & CONFERENCE This March
  • Federation of GCC Chambers Discusses Private Sector Challenges
  • Sharjah Crown Prince Meets Chairman of shj.Seen Board of Trustees
  • Sharjah Chamber, “ShjSEEN” Honour Winners of Sharjah Economic Excellence Network Award 2016
  • Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry discusses economic cooperation with Turkmenistan
  • Sharjah Chamber launches the “Diplomatic Business Breakfast” initiative to boost its international relationships
  • Sharjah Spring Promotions Kick Off Today (Thursday)
  • Sharjah Chamber Set to Launch Sharjah Spring Promotions 2017
  • Sharjah Chamber Initiates Strategy to Support Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Sharjah Chamber: We’re committed to promote Sharjah’s economic position
  • Sharjah Chamber of Commerce reviews investment opportunities with counterparts in Cuba, Mexico
  • Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosts a major international conference on aviation, defence and space industries
  • Sharjah Crown Prince Inaugurates “Business on Wheels” Services for Sharjah Chamber
  • Flag Day
  • Sharjah Exports Development Center hosts Industrial Cooperation and Supply Chain Conference next month
  • Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry buys Jawaher Al Qasimi's Coat for 100,000 Pounds Sterling
  • Sharjah Chamber workshop raises awareness of commercial fraud and counterfeiting
  • Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry launches its new website
  • Sharjah Chamber, Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority sign “MOU” on Cooperation & Development
  • Al-Owais calls on business communities to explore investment opportunities in Portugal
  • Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry wraps up preparations for GITEX 2016
  • Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry completes merging and unifying databases with Expo Centre

Business Groups

Objects of the Business Groups 

The objects of the business groups are:

  • To activate communication with the private sector and to know the situation of the concerned sector through identifying defies opportunities and means to deal with it.
  • To endeavor for promoting the performance of the economic activities through launching effective and specific work programs for each business groups.
  • To launch initiatives supporting the business of the private sector and its role in the economic community.
  • To encourage the investment and work on making the members about its available opportunities.

Specializations of Business Groups

  • To study the problems and matters referred to from the board, the chairman, the permanent and sub committees, one of the chambers' administrations or the members of the concerned sector to express views and to work on giving proposals about it.
  • To determine the objects and set plans for developing the concerned sector.
  • To communicate with members in the concerned sector and also the governmental, civil, local and international establishments and authorities through channels of the chamber.
  • To study the laws and law projects referred to the committee from the permanent committee and the board of directors and to offer ideas and recommendations about the proposed amendments on these laws and legislations and to propose law projects in cooperation with the concerned bodies in the chamber.
  • Cooperation between the business groups and the concerned administrations and sections in the chamber in providing and exchanging data, statistics and publications related to that sector to enable these sectors with making studies that assist in developing that sector and to remedy its problems.
  • To study any related issues to be led by two of the group members and approved to be entered in the specified meeting agenda by majority of the group members including the chairman or deputy chairman of the committee.
  • To work on organizing events and launching activities serving a concerned sector in the business groups.

How work Groups are formed

The business group are formed by recommendation from the board of directors, one of the executive departments in the chamber or as requested by one of the economic sectors. The Economic Affairs Administration in the Chamber supervises the formation of these groups and follow up of its activities.

Sectoral Business Groups

  • Shopping Malls Sector Business Group
  • Youths' Projects Sector Business Group
  • Industries Sector Business Group.
  • Real Estates Sector Business Group
  • Foodstuff Trade and Industry Sector Business Group
  • Used car trade Sector Business Group
  • Hotel Sector Business Group
  • Hotel Apartment Sector Business Group